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Crowd Millionaire Review – Is it a Scam? Open An Account Introduction Crowd Millionaire is an online crowdfunding platform that allows investors to fund start-ups and projects with the potential for high returns on investment. However, there have been concerns raised about the legitimacy of the platform and the risks associated with investing. In this article, we will explore the background and workings of Crowd Millionaire, as well as the potential benefits and risks of investing in it. We will also examine reviews of the platform and determine whether or not it can be considered… Read Article →

Neill Blomkamp unveils Off The Grid • Acclaimed South African director Neill Blomkamp and his company Oats Studios are developing Off The Grid, a blockchain-based game set on a dedicated Avalanche subnet. • Players will assume the role of a skilled hacker fighting against an oppressive regime and working to free society from its clutches. • The game will feature a player-driven economy, where in-game assets can be bought, sold, or traded, allowing players to build wealth and use it to further the game’s narrative. Background of Neill Blomkamp Neill Blomkamp is an acclaimed South… Read Article →

• Algorand has recently launched AlgoKit, a comprehensive toolkit aimed at helping developers transition to the web3 landscape. • The toolkit is designed to streamline the creation, deployment, and management of dApps on the Algorand blockchain. • AlgoKit intends to cater to both experienced blockchain developers and newcomers, providing an all-encompassing solution for integrating web3 features. Algorand Introduces AlgoKit Algorand has recently unveiled AlgoKit, a comprehensive toolkit designed to support developers as they transition to the emerging web3 landscape. This initiative seeks to promote the growth of decentralized applications and the future of the internet…. Read Article →

• A hacker hijacked Circle CSO’s Twitter account on March 22, 2023. • The account was taken down by Twitter after reports of the hack and the scammer posted links to bogus loyalty benefits to long-time customers of USDC. • Crypto whales have experienced significant losses due to the USDC depegging episode. Hacker Hijacks Circle CSO’s Twitter Account On March 22, 2023, according to an official statement published by Circle, the company responsible for issuing USD Coin (USDC), their Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Director of Global Policy Dante Disparte’s Twitter account had been hacked…. Read Article →

• InvestAnswers believes the current state of the banking industry is beneficial for Bitcoin, causing a surge in new traders. • Individuals are investing fiat dollars into BTC due to fears about the security of their own currency. • Bitcoin experienced a meteoric climb when US banks collapsed, reaching a high of $26,000 on March 14th. Banking Breakdown Good for Bitcoin InvestAnswers believes that the banking breakdown is good for bitcoin, resulting in an influx of traders coming into the BTC market. Analysts believe that individuals are investing fiat dollars into bitcoin due to worries… Read Article →

• Jared Ferguson, a Coinbase customer, is suing the crypto exchange for a $96,000 loss after they faced a SIM-swap hack. • The crypto community has expressed mixed reactions concerning the case. • Jack Adams blames Coinbase for the loss citing that Jared could be among the clients whose information fell into the hands of the hackers. Crypto Client Sues Coinbase Over $96k Hack A Coinbase client, Jared Ferguson of Staten Island, New York has sued the crypto exchange for a $96,000 lost due to a SIM-swap hack. He claims that his life savings were… Read Article →

• Ethereum (ETH) failed to reclaim the much-coveted $2,000 price territory in February despite closing the month with a 1.26% increase. • Throughout February, investors‘ confidence remained strong, as evidenced by a cluster of massive deposits into the ETH 2.0 contract and an increase in whale accumulation. • Ethereum ended February at $1,605 – a 1.26% increase from its opening value. Ethereum Fails to Reclaim $2,000 Ethereum (ETH) failed to reclaim the much-coveted $2,000 price territory in February despite closing the month with a 1.26% increase. The asset’s performance in February was mainly tied to… Read Article →

• Tencent Cloud, the cloud service business of China’s largest Internet company, announced its full entry into WEB3 and announced cooperation with Ankr, Avalanche, Scroll and Sui. • The firm has also reinforced its Web3 speculations through foundations of future partnerships with leading Web3 brands during the global Web3 summit. • Tencent Cloud also plans to debut the Tencent Cloud Metaverse in-a-Box offerings to improve the experience of virtual users and online developers. Tencent Cloud Enters Web3 Tencent Holdings‘ cloud service provider, Tencent Cloud, has announced its interest and entry into web3 on Feb. 22…. Read Article →

• Infamous British-American social media influencer and five-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate was arrested in Bucharest, Romania in December 2022. • Romanian police seized millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, homes, and watches from Tate and his associates, as well as hardware wallets containing digital assets worth over a hundred thousand dollars together. • Tate has been accused of using crypto to dodge taxes and reportedly made an impressive $600,000 a month employing 75 sex workers. Infamous Criminal Arrest In December 2022, infamous British-American social media influencer and five-time world kickboxing champion Andrew… Read Article →

• Blur NFT marketplace is outperforming OpenSea in terms of trading volume despite having fewer traders. • As of writing, Blur accounts for 46% of the total weekly trading volume compared to OpenSea’s 36%. • Despite being second in terms of trading volume, OpenSea leads the pack in the number of weekly trades. Blur Outperforms OpenSea In Trading Volume Blur NFT marketplace is continuously topping charts regarding NFT trading volume, pushing OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, to second place. Despite its recent debut in October, Blur has scooped the lion’s share of the total… Read Article →

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