Andrew Tate’s Bitcoin Stash Seized by Romanian Police

• Infamous British-American social media influencer and five-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate was arrested in Bucharest, Romania in December 2022.
• Romanian police seized millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, homes, and watches from Tate and his associates, as well as hardware wallets containing digital assets worth over a hundred thousand dollars together.
• Tate has been accused of using crypto to dodge taxes and reportedly made an impressive $600,000 a month employing 75 sex workers.

Infamous Criminal Arrest

In December 2022, infamous British-American social media influencer and five-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate was arrested in Bucharest, Romania for charges related to human trafficking, sexual assault, and forming an organized criminal enterprise.

Seizure of Luxury Goods & Crypto Assets

Romanian police seized millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, homes, and watches from Tate and his associates. In addition to these tangible assets were hardware wallets containing digital assets worth over a hundred thousand dollars together – 5 bitcoins (BTC) worth about $110k for Andrew held by his girlfriend’s wallet and 16 bitcoins held by Tristan amounting to a total of $465k.

Tate’s Crypto Fondness

It is no secret that Tate praised cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation; however it is unclear if this fondness stems from personal conviction or financial gain. Despite the public admiration for bitcoin investment expressed by Altcoin Daily – a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers – Bruce Rivers‘ January 2023 YouTube video reported that Tate bragged about using crypto to dodge taxes with The Mirror report suggesting he made an impressive $600,000 a month employing 75 sex workers while dodging taxes through cryptocurrency payment methods.

Tax Evasion Allegations

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lists bitcoin payouts to performers as employment income requiring taxable payments; however Tate appears insistent on being above the law. Additionally, reports have emerged concerning the former kickboxer’s involvement in setting up pornographic webcam businesses which further demonstrate his controversial side showcasing questionable behavior outside the law.


Andrew Tate’s arrest has brought into light his controversial lifestyle filled with alleged criminal activities such as tax evasion through cryptocurrency exchange methods as well as setting up pornographic webcam businesses while evading taxation laws altogether. His seizure of luxury goods including hardware wallets full of digital assets further emphasizes the magnitude of these allegations against him but only time will tell what consequences await him legally speaking following this recent development in his life

Blur Beats OpenSea: NFT Trading Volume Soars to Record Highs

• Blur NFT marketplace is outperforming OpenSea in terms of trading volume despite having fewer traders.
• As of writing, Blur accounts for 46% of the total weekly trading volume compared to OpenSea’s 36%.
• Despite being second in terms of trading volume, OpenSea leads the pack in the number of weekly trades.

Blur Outperforms OpenSea In Trading Volume

Blur NFT marketplace is continuously topping charts regarding NFT trading volume, pushing OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, to second place. Despite its recent debut in October, Blur has scooped the lion’s share of the total NFT volume traded across all marketplaces.

As of writing this, Blur currently accounts for 46% of the total weekly trading volume compared to its biggest competitor OpenSea, which presently has 36% only.

Bidding Pools Surge To All-Time Highs

Blur NFT marketplace raised 11 million dollars in its early stages of development. Since then, the platform’s bidding pools have skyrocketed to all-time highs of $42 million.

OpenSea Leads The Pack In Weekly Trades

Despite being second in terms of trading volume, OpenSea leads the pack in the number of weekly trades. As of yesterday, on-chain data reveals that OpenSea housed 29,600 transactions compared to Blur which saw only 12,601 trades.

User Experiences Loss On Bidding System

On Dec 8th a user by Keungz lost 70 ETH using blur’s bidding system and thought it was his fault when it happened. After investigation however it was linked to blurs new bidding system and they refunded 50% off what was lost.

< p >Blur is quickly becoming one off if not thee leader when it comes to trading volumes with many features such as their new bidding system helping them get there . Although there can be some complications when using these systems , due diligence should be taken before entering into any activities .

Whales Move 4,794 BTC as BTC Supply Last Active Reaches 1-Month High

• Whale addresses have recently shifted 4,794 BTC between Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Kraken.
• Bitcoin (BTC) had a 39% increase in January and the percentage of BTC supply last active in at least a year reached a 1-month high of 66.8%.
• Blockchain analytics system Whale Alert highlighted the massive transactions.

The start of 2021 has been a great one for Bitcoin (BTC) as the asset had its best January since 2013 and its best month since October 2020. After an impressive performance last month, BTC closed January with a 39% increase and is now seeing massive shuffles among whale addresses.

Blockchain analytics system Whale Alert has highlighted the recent activity, noting that 4,794 BTC were transferred in two days between Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Kraken addresses. The latest movement saw the transfer of 949 BTC from Kraken to BitFinex at 8:24 (UTC) today. This was immediately preceded by an earlier movement of 899 BTC between Kraken and BitFinex. Shortly before this, unidentified wallets sent 3,126 BTC to Coinbase in two uneven transactions. The first transfer, which involved 2,024 BTC, occurred at midnight Jan. 31. The second transaction saw the movement of 1,102 BTC at 20:42 on the same day.

Despite this recent activity, the percentage of BTC supply last active in at least a year reached a 1-month high of 66.8% today, indicating a low long-term holders‘ movement, as sentiments remain on the green side. This is a positive sign for the asset’s future, as the more whales are willing to hold onto their BTC, the more likely the asset is to continue its current upward trend.

All in all, the start of 2021 has been a great one for Bitcoin, and with the amount of activity seen in the past few days, it looks like the asset is in for a promising run. Whale addresses are shuffling large amounts of BTC, and the percentage of BTC supply last active in at least a year is at a 1-month high. This is a sign of long-term holders‘ confidence in the asset, and it will be interesting to see where Bitcoin goes from here.

Binance Launches Self-Trade Prevention Tool to Fight FUD

• Binance introduced a new Self-Trade Prevention (STP) function to prevent self-trading activities on the platform
• The function will be available on the API for spot trading and aims to prevent the execution of orders that could result in self-trade
• The launch of this new tool comes as Binance is fighting off FUD from competitors

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has unveiled a new feature that could potentially prevent self-trading activities on the platform. The new function, known as Self-Trade Prevention (STP), will be available on the API for spot trading from Jan. 26 and aims to prevent the execution of orders which could result in self-trade.

Self-trading occurs when the same users are on both sides of a trade, which indicates that there is no change in the ownership of the traded asset. Such activity creates the impression of trading activity and is a form of market manipulation. However, Binance noted that there were some unintentional self-trading activities. According to the blog post, professional traders who carry out multiple strategies simultaneously could accidentally match two orders from the same trading desk. While the platform acknowledges such errors, the exchange giant stressed that the company’s terms of use prohibit intentional self-trades.

The STP introduction helps users save fees on unnecessary trades and curb inadvertent self-trading transactions. The new feature will be available for API users and is unavailable for customers who trade on the Binance website, desktop, or mobile apps.

The launch of Binance’s new tool comes as the crypto exchange is fighting off FUD from competitors. According to a recent report by, the company’s CEO Changpeng Zhao claimed that bankrupt rival FTX paid over $43 million to a cryptocurrency researcher to create the false impression that Binance was under investigation.

The introduction of the STP feature is a positive step for Binance in protecting its users from self-trading and creating a safe trading environment for all. The exchange giant also plans to launch more features and services in the near future to further enhance the user experience.

Unlock More Market Opportunities with Bybit’s Unified Trading Account

• Bybit exchange has launched its Unified Trading Account (UTA) enabling investors to diversify trades across several markets in one account.
• The UTA will provide a margin and risk overview for investors, helping them determine which strategies to go with before executing trades.
• Bybit’s UTA offers more than 60 asset types for cross-margin trades and the ability to cross-collateralize borrowing and lending.

Bybit, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of its Unified Trading Account (UTA). This new trading account allows investors to diversify their trades across multiple markets, all in one account on the exchange. The UTA simplifies trading for its clients and provides a margin and risk overview for investors, helping them determine which strategies to go with before executing trades.

The UTA comes with several features that make trading easier for investors. It enables investors to switch trading strategies without having to move funds from one account to the other. It also bears a feature called shared margin which allows investors to even out losses with gains before closing out trades. This is beneficial for traders who are having trouble balancing their losses, as they can now easily transfer assets since they will all be under one account.

The Unified Trading Account also offers more than 60 asset types for cross-margin trades. This means that investors can now trade multiple assets in one account, allowing them to diversify their investments. Additionally, the UTA enables investors to cross-collateralize borrowing and lending, creating a flexible and efficient trading environment.

At launch, the UTA will have a variety of contracts available, including USDT perpetuals, spot trading, margin trading and USDC options. And according to the exchange, more trading products will be added to the account as it develops.

Bybit’s Unified Trading Account is a great way for investors to access multiple markets all in one place. It offers features that make trading easier and more efficient, allowing investors to diversify their trades and make better-informed decisions.

Videos mit VLC Media Player schneiden

Der VLC Media Player eignet sich nicht nur zum Abspielen von Videos aus verschiedenen Quellen, sondern kann auch als Videobearbeitungssoftware verwendet werden. Sie können beliebige Videos schneiden oder trimmen, um Videoclips zu erstellen. Das heißt, Sie können einen bestimmten Teil Ihres Videos auswählen und ihn zu einem kleineren Clip ausschneiden. Sie können einfach einen Anfangs- und einen Endpunkt auswählen. VLC schneidet und speichert dann automatisch von Punkt A nach Punkt B auf Ihrem PC.

VLC ist vielleicht nicht die fortschrittlichste Videobearbeitungssoftware, aber es kann Videos problemlos schneiden. Fortgeschrittene Videosoftware erfordert fortgeschrittene Fähigkeiten, um selbst grundlegende Aufgaben wie das Schneiden eines Videos durchzuführen. Aber VLC ist einfach genug, um Ihnen zu ermöglichen, Teile Ihrer Videos zu schneiden. Sie müssen nie mehr eine lange Videodatei behalten, nur weil Sie ein paar Clips im Video haben, die Sie eigentlich nicht löschen wollen. Speichern Sie einfach Ihre Lieblingsabschnitte und lassen Sie den Rest weg. Auf diese Weise können Sie Ihre Videos auch problemlos über verschiedene Medien mit Freunden und Familie teilen.

So schneiden Sie Teile eines Videos mit VLC Media Player aus:

Gehen Sie auf Ihrem normalen VLC-Bildschirm über die Menüleiste zu Ansicht > Erweiterte Steuerung.

Die Aufnahme-Schaltflächen werden über den normalen Player-Steuerungsschaltflächen angezeigt.

Öffnen Sie das Video, das Sie schneiden möchten.
Spielen Sie das Video ab oder blättern Sie zu dem Ausgangspunkt, von dem aus Sie schneiden möchten.

Klicken Sie am Startpunkt auf die Aufnahmetaste. Das ist die runde rote Schaltfläche.
Spielen Sie das Video ab oder verschieben Sie es Bild für Bild mit der Schaltfläche „Bild für Bild“, um es genauer zu machen.

Wenn Sie den Endpunkt erreicht haben, drücken Sie erneut die Aufnahmetaste.

Vereinfachen Sie den Schnitt mit Hilfe von Hotkeys:

Eine weitere Möglichkeit, Clips aus Videos zu extrahieren, ist die Verwendung von Tastenkombinationen oder Hotkeys.

So starten Sie die Aufnahme: Umschalttaste + R drücken
Aufnahme stoppen: Drücken Sie erneut Umschalt + R.
Der Player zeigt „Aufnahme“ an, wenn Sie den Vorgang starten, und „Aufnahme fertig“, wenn Sie sie beenden.

Ihr geschnittenes Video wird in Ihrem Ordner „Eigene Videos“ in Windows gespeichert. In Win 7 befindet sich dieser Ordner unter C:\Users\Username\Videos, wenn Windows auf Laufwerk C: installiert ist. Bei anderen Betriebssystemen gehen Sie einfach in den Ordner „Dokumente“ oder in den Benutzerordner und suchen Sie den Ordner „Standardvideos“. Sie werden Ihr bearbeitetes Video dort leicht finden. Die Dateinamen können z. B. vlc-record-2013-11-16-14h25m16s-vlc-streaming-audio.avi-.avi lauten, wenn Sie danach suchen müssen.

Samsung TV-Kanäle auf Ihrem PC sortieren

Ein großes Durcheinander mit Fernsehsendern

Eines der Dinge, die mich wirklich ärgern, ist die Art und Weise, wie – selbst moderne – Fernsehgeräte die Fernsehsender beim ersten Durchlauf scannen und anzeigen. In der Regel ist es ein großes Durcheinander mit Fernsehsendern, die nach dem Prinzip „Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst“ aufgelistet werden und nicht nach einer logischen Reihenfolge. Wenn Sie dann versuchen, die Fernsehsender mit der Fernbedienung zu sortieren, werden Sie feststellen, dass das keine sehr angenehme Sache ist. Erstens können Sie immer nur einen Kanal auf einmal verschieben, und dazu müssen Sie in der Regel mehrmals die Auf- und Ab-Tasten drücken, bis Sie das neue Ziel erreicht haben. Zweitens dauert es sehr lange, vor allem, wenn Sie 50 oder mehr Fernsehsender auf Ihrem Fernseher ordnen müssen.

Wenn Sie einen Samsung-Fernseher haben, der das Exportieren der Senderliste auf ein USB-Flash-Laufwerk unterstützt, haben Sie eine weitere Möglichkeit. Sie können die kostenlose Software Samsung Channel Editor auf Ihrem PC verwenden, um alle Sender in einer komfortablen Umgebung zu bearbeiten.

Die Anwendung unterstützt derzeit Samsung-Fernseher der C- und D-Serie, aber Sie können sie auch ausprobieren, wenn Sie einen anderen Samsung-Fernseher besitzen, da sie möglicherweise dennoch mit dem Fernseher kompatibel ist. Bei den meisten Geräten sollte im Menü die Option „Senderliste übertragen“ oder eine ähnliche Option angezeigt werden. Hier wählen Sie einfach „Auf USB exportieren“, um die aktuelle Kanalliste auf dem angeschlossenen USB-Stick zu speichern. Wenn Sie mit der Bearbeitung auf Ihrem PC fertig sind, schließen Sie das USB-Laufwerk erneut an und wählen dieses Mal die Option „Von USB importieren“. Dadurch wird die bearbeitete Kanalliste auf dem Fernsehgerät gespeichert, so dass sie auf diesem verfügbar ist.

Das Programm selbst ist einfach zu bedienen. Es benötigt das Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, hat aber keine weiteren Abhängigkeiten und muss nicht installiert werden. Wählen Sie Datei > Laden, um die Kanalliste aus der TV-Kanaldatei auf dem USB-Laufwerk zu laden. Das Programm sollte danach die Kanalliste anzeigen, die Sie durch Ziehen und Ablegen von Kanälen sortieren können. Wenn Sie fertig sind, klicken Sie auf Datei > Speichern, um die bearbeitete Kanalliste wieder auf dem USB-Stick zu speichern.

SamToolBox um Samsung TV-Kanäle auf Ihrem PC zu sortieren

Das Programm ist nicht das einzige Tool, das für Samsung TV-Besitzer verfügbar ist. SamToolBox ist ein weiteres Programm, das Sie für diesen Zweck verwenden können. Es ist mit der B- bis E-Serie von Samsung-Fernsehern kompatibel und unterstützt die Bearbeitung von mehreren Zeilen neben anderen fortschrittlichen Funktionen wie der Filterung von Kanälen und dem Export in das csv-Format, die Sie vielleicht nützlich finden.

Das Programm ist außerdem für Windows und Linux verfügbar, und die Entwickler haben für die Zukunft eine Mac OS-Version versprochen. SamToolBox ist ein fortschrittliches Programm, das einen größeren Funktionsumfang als Samsung Channel Editor bietet. Dennoch erledigen beide Programme die Aufgabe, Samsung TV-Kanäle auf Ihrem PC zu sortieren, sehr gut.

Bitcoin Pro Experience & Test

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New cryptocurrency trading platforms are emerging every day, vying for investors‘ attention. There are also thousands of cryptocurrencies with different trading options, most of which can only be traded among a few leading currencies, thus making it to the top 100.

Considering the trading options available, it is important for investors to optimise profit to get the best possible results. Now you may be asking yourself if crypto trading bots are real and if they can be trusted.

Bitcoin Pro is among the leading bitcoin bots on the market. Here’s how the bot works and what differences the software can make for crypto investors.

### Logo ###
What features does the software offer?

This trading bot was developed with forward-thinking algorithms that use high-frequency trading methods to analyse data from millions of financial sources. As a crypto trading bot, it makes investment decisions without the involvement of human emotions that usually get in the way of justified reasoning.

Functionality and features:

### Key figures ###
Bitcoin Pro – what is behind the bot?

The team behind the Bitcoin Pro bot consists of professional and experienced software developers, fintech experts and financial traders. Just like other crypto bots, there is an essential blend of expert knowledge served here that can bridge the gap between technology and the financial world. The Bitcoin Pro robot uses disciplines from both fields to be able to deliver an innovative and efficient software.

### 3 steps ###
How does the bot work?

The creation and delivery of trading information is one of the highlights of the financial markets. This information is used by different investors when making a decision to buy or sell. Bitcoin Pro has the ability to quickly access vast amounts of information to gain useful insights from the global markets. This is done much more effectively than with humans, as we disseminate information much more slowly than computational systems.

The minimum deposit allowed is $250. After the sum is in the account, the investor can start trading. The amount can be gradually increased once one gets used to the way the robot works.

Bitcoin Pro experience:
„Right after my account was funded with $250, I started trading. Circuit Bot is an efficient software. By the second day, my trading portfolio has already grown beyond $600. I’m excited to see the profits in the coming days!“
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Pro?

– Demo: to get familiar with the bot, the demo account can be used in the beginning.
– Automated crypto trading: Since the bot is automated, you can run it 24 hours a day.
– Multiple deposit options: You can deposit to your account using Mastercard, VISA or bank transfer.
– Transparency: There are no hidden commissions or fees.
– Easy withdrawal of winnings: There are no restrictions on withdrawals.

– The software is not available in all countries.
Bitcoin Pro – a legitimate software

Bitcoin Pro is genuine according to research and experience. Another basis for its legitimacy are the user references on the homepage. The bot also has a network of experienced brokers from all corners of the world.
Trading with Bitcoin Pro: Conclusion

Most investors registered with Bitcoin Pro consider the software a successful bot. Its high-frequency trading functionality provides users with timely insights that can be used to optimise profitability. Experienced investors can use Bitcoin Pro as a tool to improve the success of their trading strategies. But beginners can also use the software to profit from a marketplace they do not understand one hundred percent.

Bitcoin Pro recognises – compared to many other Bitcoin robots – changes in market conditions in terms of profitability. The software is also highly rated for its customer service. Thus, it is recommended by users without reservation.

Global X beantragt bei der SEC einen Bitcoin-ETF

Während Bitcoin um $30.000 herum schwebt, drängen Fondsmanager darauf, den ersten amerikanischen Bitcoin-ETF genehmigt zu bekommen.

Der in New York ansässige Fondsmanager Global X Digital Assets hat einen Antrag für einen börsengehandelten Bitcoin (BTC) Fonds (ETF) bei der United States Securities and Exchange Commission eingereicht.

Die Prüfung bei Bitcoin Revival

Der am Mittwoch eingereichte Antrag besagt, dass der vorgeschlagene Global X Bitcoin Trust – ein Delaware Statutory Trust, der Mitte Juli dieses Jahres gegründet wurde – im Falle einer Genehmigung an der Cboe bZx Börse gehandelt werden würde. Die Bank of New York Mellon würde als Verwalter des Trusts fungieren. Auch die Verwaltung von Bitcoin Revival steht auf dem Prüfstand. Gemäß der Einreichung:

„Das Anlageziel des Trusts ist es, die Wertentwicklung des Bitcoin-Preises abzüglich der Ausgaben für den Betrieb des Trusts zu reflektieren. Der Trust wird nicht versuchen, die Performance einer Benchmark oder eines Index widerzuspiegeln.“

Anleger in den Fonds oder ihre bevollmächtigten Finanzagenten würden Bitcoin vom Trust über eine nicht benannte BTC-Depotstelle erhalten. Global X gibt an, dass es sich bei der Verwahrstelle um eine Treuhandgesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung handelt, die vom New York State Department of Financial Services autorisiert ist, Verwahrdienste für digitale Vermögenswerte anzubieten. In der Einreichung heißt es, dass der Trust selbst „keine Bitcoins direkt kaufen oder verkaufen wird, es sei denn, es handelt sich um eine Liquidation oder um außergewöhnliche Umstände, die hier beschrieben werden.“

Global X Digital Assets, der Sponsor des Trusts, ist mit der Global X Management Company, auch bekannt als Global X, und Mirae Asset Global Investments verbunden. Letztere mit Sitz in Seoul, Südkorea, verwaltet weltweit Vermögenswerte, deren Wert im März 2021 560 Milliarden Dollar überstieg.

Anfang dieser Woche argumentierte Greg King, CEO von Osprey Funds, dass die hohe Anzahl von Bitcoin-ETF-Anträgen in den USA zu Beginn dieses Jahres zu Bitcoins außergewöhnlichem Bullenlauf 2021 beigetragen hat.

Das anhaltende Zögern der SEC, einen Krypto-ETF zu genehmigen, zusammen mit hawkishen regulatorischen Äußerungen in den USA in Bezug auf verschiedene Krypto-Assets wie Stablecoins, hat für King eine Rolle bei dem anschließenden Preisverfall der Münze gespielt. King hat vorgeschlagen, dass 2022 der früheste Zeitpunkt wäre, an dem die US-Regulierungsbehörde einen Bitcoin-ETF-Antrag genehmigen würde.

Ações de Bitcoin e Ethereum Rock Nasdaq Cinco Anos de Funcionamento

Com todos os olhos da indústria concentrados na lista Nasdaq da Coinbase, é hora de se divertir e especular. Com o mercado como ele é, é seguro assumir que o preço inicial será alto, mas, será que esse preço pode resistir a um mercado de baixa?

E, sobre outro tópico, as ações da Coinbase se tornarão concorrentes para crypto Trader e moedas criptográficas em geral? Esta é literalmente a primeira empresa criptográfica a se tornar pública, portanto, muitas perguntas permanecem no ar.

Nos últimos cinco anos, a Bitcoin e o Ethereum superaram todas as ações da Nasdaq

Mas, nós estamos aqui para nos divertir. E este tweet de Jon Erlichman abriu o portão para isso:

Valor de 1.000 dólares investidos há 5 anos:

Ethereum: $273.716
Bitcoin: $148.194
Comprar: $41,662
AMD: $28.639
Etsy: $26,388
Nvidia: $17.071
Tesla: $14.975
PayPal: $7,101
Amazônia: $5,530
Netflix: $5.050
Maçã: $4.799
Microsoft: $4.670
Força de vendas: $3.055
Google: $3.016
Facebook: $2,803

– Jon Erlichman (@JonErlichman) 13 de abril de 2021

Estes números não são surpreendentes, considerando que Bitcoin foi o ativo de melhor desempenho da última década por uma porcentagem ridícula. Em retrospectiva, esses números farão sua cabeça girar. Vamos citar Tony Spilotro para NewsBTC:

„Os dados mostram que a moeda criptográfica tem superado todos os outros ativos nos últimos dez anos, com um aumento espantoso de 6 milhões de por cento. Isto equivale a mais de 200% de retorno anualizado, com o próximo melhor desempenho sendo o Nasdaq 100 com apenas 20% de retorno anualizado“.

A principal mensagem do gráfico de Erlichman é que, nos últimos cinco anos, o Ethereum teve um desempenho superior ao do Bitcoin em quase 2X. Isto faz sentido se considerarmos o número de projetos criptográficos de todos os tipos que estão sendo construídos continuamente sobre o Ethereum. Na verdade, todo o espaço DeFi foi criado nesse período, e a maior parte dele funciona com gás e fichas ERC-20.

Por outro lado, o Ethereum é um projeto mais recente

O Bitcoin vem crescendo continuamente há muito tempo e, embora não tenha parado, parece estar em um estado de consolidação. Além disso, leve em conta a opinião de Raoul Pal. Ele é um ex-chefe de vendas do fundo de hedge da Goldman Sachs que estudou os gráficos e concluiu:

„As probabilidades nos gráficos sugerem que Bitcoin provavelmente será o maior ativo com melhor desempenho do mundo nos próximos 24 meses e por uma grande margem“.

Vamos voltar a Nasdaq e dar uma olhada no resto do gráfico de Erlichman. A primeira coisa que aparece é AMD e Nvidia. Não nos iludamos, uma das principais razões pelas quais as empresas de processamento gráfico de destaque estão lá em cima é a mineração de moedas criptográficas. Portanto, os dez melhores pertencem praticamente à indústria de criptografia.

A segunda coisa que aparece é o comércio eletrônico pessoal. Tanto Shopify quanto Etsy tiveram um desempenho tremendo nos últimos anos. As pessoas querem vender coisas, e isso é uma coisa linda. Mas o que vai acontecer quando este fenômeno colidir com o mundo criptográfico? Isso acontecerá nos próximos anos. Está chegando em grande escala.

O resto do quadro consiste nos suspeitos habituais, não temos que entrar neles.

A única coisa que nos resta é analisar o próprio gráfico. Para isso, consultamos Eduardo Gavotti. O comerciante profissional e apresentador do podcast „Trading En Serio“ disse ao Bitcoinist:

„No espelho retrovisor, tudo parece ótimo“. Esses tweets tendem a ser enganosos porque muitos daqueles que investiram US$ 1000 há cinco anos, se assustaram e tiraram seu dinheiro quando seu investimento foi de US$ 1.500 ou US$ 700″.

O que você teria feito? Quão fortes são suas mãos?