Tencent Cloud Enters Web3, Partners with Avalanche, Ankr

• Tencent Cloud, the cloud service business of China’s largest Internet company, announced its full entry into WEB3 and announced cooperation with Ankr, Avalanche, Scroll and Sui.
• The firm has also reinforced its Web3 speculations through foundations of future partnerships with leading Web3 brands during the global Web3 summit.
• Tencent Cloud also plans to debut the Tencent Cloud Metaverse in-a-Box offerings to improve the experience of virtual users and online developers.

Tencent Cloud Enters Web3

Tencent Holdings‘ cloud service provider, Tencent Cloud, has announced its interest and entry into web3 on Feb. 22. The company is targeting strategic pillars of web 3 including storage, security, identity, data and analytics. It has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ankr to develop blockchain API services and an alliance with Avalanche to deploy nodes quickly on Tencent Cloud.

Tencent Plans Virtual Experiences

Tencent Cloud is unveiling new virtual experiences in the Web3 ecosystem by developing a full suite of blockchain API services. They are also planning to debut their Tencent Cloud Metaverse in-a-Box offerings to improve the experience for virtual users and online developers.

Global Demand for Virtual Experiences

The decision from Tencent Clouds is at the back of increased demand for virtual experiences by brands, organizations, companies and governments around the globe. Poshu Yeung acknowledged that significant potential exists where physical and digital worlds meet while speaking during the first Global Web3 Summit. He added that Tencent Cloud would commence virtual projects while leveraging its years of experience to provide technical support required to grow in this space.

Partnerships with Leading Web3 Companies

Tencent has partnered with leading WEB 3 companies like Avalanche, Skroll, Sui & Ankr to spearhead their virtual operations. Their collaboration will allow developers to set up nodes quickly on Tencnet Clouds while providing a full suite of blockchain API services for new users & online developers alike..

New Product: Metaverse In A Box

In addition to these collaborations & partnerships; Tencnet Clouds have released a new product called „Metaverse In A Box“ which aims at improving user experiences within WEB 3 ecosystem further more! This product will be available soon worldwide & will revolutionize how people interact within this space!